Seljuk-era TV sequence reveals orphaned Turkish historical past

Seljuk-era TV sequence reveals orphaned Turkish historical past

The devoted viewers of Turkish historic drama sequence in Malaysia would have identified “Diriliş: Ertuğrul” (“The Resurrection: Ertuğrul”), “Kuruluş: Osman” (“The Ottoman”), “Fetih 1453” (“The Conquest 1453”), or “Payitaht: Abdülhamid” (“The Capital: Abdülhamid”), all of which revolve round Ottoman historical past. Lately, a brand new historic drama sequence has premiered on state-run broadcaster Turkish Radio and Tv Company (TRT). It’s a sequence by Akli Movie Manufacturing entitled “Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” (“The Nice Seljuks: Guardians of Justice”), which tells the story of the rise of the Seljuk Empire within the Abbasid period.

I took a possibility to observe this sequence throughout my spare time in Sakarya province in northwestern Turkey. It introduced again reminiscences from my doctoral research about 10 years in the past. Regardless of the existence of fictional parts, it’s really simple that the narration efficiently took me alongside for the journey. This historic drama sequence has been effectively acquired in Turkey and had been “trending” on Turkish TVs virtually each week from September final yr till this Could.

“Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” narrates the rise of the Seljuk Empire underneath the management of Sultan Malikshah I and his son, Ahmad Sanjar, who later inherited his father’s throne. For the primary season, this 34-episode drama sequence unpacks the story of a reign that must be defended and a battle in opposition to Hasan-i Sabbah, the pinnacle of a army group often called the Order of Assassins, who not solely wished to revive Fatimid rule however are additionally eager to ascertain their rule by overthrowing the Seljuks regardless of having to struggle in opposition to the Byzantine Empire, who persistently return to grab the land of al-Quds or Jerusalem.

A portray depicts the likeness of Hasan-i Sabbah yielding a sword on horseback. (Shutterstock Picture)

The Seljuk Empire started with the success of its founder, Tughril Beg, when he took management of Baghdad in 1055, adopted by his nephew, Alp Arslan. Malikshah then ascended to the throne following the dying of his father, Sultan Alp Arslan. Whatever the main and essential occasions that passed off, such because the success of Alp Arslan within the Battle of Manzikert (Malazgirt) in opposition to the armies of the Byzantine Empire in 1071, the Seljuk Empire was undoubtedly and continuously challenged by the a number of sequence of evil plots and rebel from inside and outdoors its palace.

A portray depicts the likeness of Nizam al-Mulk, 11-th century statesman and vizier of the Seljuk Empire. (Shutterstock Picture)

“Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” brings the viewers to understand the dreadful plans and conflicts that occurred. Aside from confronting the crafty Assassins and the assaults from the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuks additionally confronted a sequence of opposition from family and ethnic teams who have been dissatisfied with them. In truth, there have been additionally evil plots occurring from throughout the authorities, both from Hasan-i Sabbah who had served within the palace, or from Terken Khatun, Malikshah’s second queen, and his minister Taj al-Mulk, who each had their self-interest in thoughts. Terken Khatun meant to lift her son with Malikshah, Mahmud, because the crown prince. Then again, Taj al-Mulk additionally aspired to take over the prime minister publish from the prevailing incumbent, Nizam al-Mulk.

Though the Seljuk Empire needed to face numerous harmful challenges, this ruling was at all times supported by these nice figures: Nizam al-Mulk as a statesman, Abu Hamid al-Ghazali as a scholar, Omar al-Khayyam and al-Isfizari as scientists and Yusuf al-Hamadhani as a Sufi. All of them have been stalwarts that defended the reign from any enemy threats.

The individuality of the Seljuk Empire for its time is confirmed by the truth that it didn’t solely take note of the political and army fortifications, but in addition to the scientific and non secular strongholds. Madrasah Nizamiyyah was established to produce the weapons of data and spirituality in opposition to the terrible enemies of thought that resulted from Hasan-i Sabbah’s influences by the Assassins, which ultimately operated within the fortified metropolis of Alamut.

“Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” as a drama sequence is actually not immune from having quite a lot of characters and fictional scenes added to the storytelling plot. Nonetheless, this sequence nonetheless manages to permit the viewers to believably relive the trials of the Seljuk Empire’s rise.

A nonetheless shot from the Turkish TV sequence “Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” (“The Nice Seljuks: Guardians of Justice”). (Archive Picture)

Emre Konuk, the producer and scriptwriter mentioned in a press release: “We wish to emphasize that with out understanding Seljuk historical past, it’s inconceivable to know the historical past of different dynasties or empires, together with the Ayyubid and Danishmend Dynasties, the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum or the Ottoman Empire. Our purpose is to search out the political, mental and cultural impetus that acted as a steerage to the success in Islamic historical past in order that it’s traceable by folks these days. In truth, Seljuk historical past right this moment is an orphaned historical past. We’ve an enormous activity on this, and we have to hold making an attempt. Our solely concern is find out how to at all times meet the expectations of most of the people, however we all know that good outcomes is not going to come with out beginning with nervousness.”

Related in his opinion is Serdar Özönalan, additionally the scriptwriter of the drama. When he was requested in regards to the motive for selecting the Seljuk period over different well-liked eras, he mentioned: “Seljuk historical past is an orphaned historical past. The Seljuks are the founding father of the area’s custom for the reason that starting of Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, thus the emergence of the republic. The wrestle to liberate Anatolia, climate the Crusades and shield the Muslim world are invaluable options of this historical past. If it’s traced, we should meet the traces of nice beliefs, even an important civilization. Because of this, we’ve got a duty to take care of this ‘orphan.’ When this story is accepted, then we really feel {that a} duty has been fulfilled.”

“Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu” would possibly look like a daily drama sequence simply as every other, nevertheless it has introduced the viewers to rediscover the historical past of the Seljuk Empire, which has performed a serious function in altering the panorama of Abbasid rule, particularly within the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

Some essential legacies, equivalent to Madrasah Nizamiyyah, Malikshah Observatory and the Jalali Calendar in addition to these prestigious works together with Siyasat Nameh, Fada’ih al-Batiniyyah and al-Tibr al-Masbuk fi Nasihat al-Muluk are actually actual proof of the insurance policies and knowledge of leaders and students who’ve been entrusted with the care and protection of faith and nation.

They need to be reminisced and discovered about – particularly with the home and worldwide political scenario at this second – by all of us.

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