Rating the Star Trek TV Reveals: Who Went the Most Boldly?

Rating the Star Trek TV Reveals: Who Went the Most Boldly?
Rating the Star Trek TV Reveals: Who Went the Most Boldly?

We’re nicely past half a century price of Star Trek now. And, whereas the unique creators are lengthy gone, the spirit of their creation lives on within the hearts of the followers, and generally within the sequels which were spawned. However which Treks trekked farthest, sought out essentially the most earnestly, and dared to boldly go the place even their fellow Treks didn’t? Nicely, let’s look into that. I’ll begin with these I charge least and work my means up.
7. Star Trek: Picard
A sadly disappointing collection that not solely failed to offer the continuation of the Subsequent Technology’s story that followers had lengthy hungered for, however managed to cut back the far future utopia of the Federation right into a mere allegory of recent day earth. It’s exhausting to charge the boldness of a collection extremely when the writers‘ creativeness fell in need of encompassing something aside from the world outdoors their home windows.
6. Star Trek: Discovery
A a lot bolder and extra imaginative collection than Picard, Discovery is a prequel to the Kelvin timeline Star Treks relatively than the unique timeline. As such I’m prepared to be kinder to it, because it isn’t messing with the “actual” timeline. Sadly, whereas it definitely makes some daring adjustments and retcons, few of these adjustments and retcons have confirmed to be enhancements. This began with the principle character, Spock’s adopted human sister that he by no means thought to say throughout any of the numerous arguments he had with Kirk or McCoy over human customs versus Vulcan ones … It then proceeded apace with a universally unpopular redesign of the Klingons and simply stored proper on going from there. It’s definitely a daring present, is Discovery. That doesn’t essentially imply it’s an excellent one, nonetheless.
5. Star Trek: Enterprise
One other prequel, however this time to the principle timeline, Enterprise was rather more respectful of that which got here earlier than it and tried to slot in comparatively seamlessly. Ideas will fluctuate on whether or not it succeeded, however the effort was there. It was simply the least common Trek earlier than the appearance of the brand new collection, however time is proving variety to it and people who rewatch it these days are discovering rather a lot to take pleasure in.
4. Star Trek: Voyager
Lack of boldness hamstrung this collection from the beginning. It had an fascinating premise–that of a blended crew of Starfleet and Maquis stranded in unusual and hostile territory, compelled to work collectively to outlive. Sadly, it rapidly undercut that premise by having the Maquis crew embrace Starfleet methods and grow to be all however indistinguishable from the remaining. This neatly ended all of the potential drama of the crew being at odds over clear up issues, or who needs to be in cost, or what they need to be prepared to do to get residence. Within the place of such tense and fascinating questions, we have been left with a really bland and secure Star Trek collection. Voyager nonetheless had its good episodes, and a few likable characters, however I can’t assist however really feel that it may have been extra.
3. Star Trek: the Subsequent Technology
High quality writing and memorable characters, with some iconic episodes amongst its principally episodic storytelling. That is basic Trek. The one motive I don’t place it increased is as a result of it didn’t actually break any molds. Not that it wanted to. It gave the folks precisely what they wished again then, and continues to take action nicely into the following subsequent era.
2. Star Trek. The unique collection
It broke all of the molds, and set all of the requirements. Gene Roddenberry‘s imaginative and prescient of the long run was groundbreaking for its time, and continues to encourage to at the present time. Even when some, just like the aforementioned Picard writers, have a tough time understanding it. He had Russians and People working collectively, regardless of the collection being broadcast throughout the Chilly Warfare. He had a black lady on the bridge throughout the Civil Rights period. It was, in a phrase, revolutionary. And folks have been larping it even since.
1. Star Trek: Deep Area 9
It takes rather a lot to climb above the unique collection by way of boldness, however I keep that Deep Area 9 managed it. The place Star Trek was and has been principally episodic, DS9 used a extra serialized type of storytelling, permitting it to craft a multi-sided battle on a galactic scale. It was a really severe story, and even fairly darkish at occasions. It was definitely a departure from what was usually anticipated of Star Trek, nevertheless it by no means overpassed the optimism that’s the lynchpin of the franchise. If something, that stated optimism was capable of shine by means of even within the midst of a conflict as enormous as that which centered round Deep Area 9 makes it all of the extra spectacular.

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